Friday, February 14, 2014

Swatches and review Essence effect nail polishes (new collection)

Like many other brands Essence too came out with a new Essence nail polish collection for spring 2014.
Not only does this collection feature new Colour & Go nail shades.
It also came with a complete new collection of effect nail polishes.
"The effect nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch!"
Available in 14 colours with four different effects.
All these beauties will be joining the permanent Essence collection.

And, oh my, I have swatched this whole collection of effect nail polishes for you :D
01 Pixie Dust
Pearly base filled with multi colour micro glitters.
It's hard to find out which colours because the pinkish micro glitter is very dominating.
It says holo shimmer on the cap but for me this is not holo.
It looks more like a duochrome or iridescent shimmer.
Nothing wrong with this polish but not what I expected.
I'm pretty sure this would make a beautiful shimmer topcoat.
02 Baby, you're a firework
Clear base filled with white sand, pink micro and small glitter.
A drop dead gorgeous soft pink sand polish.
Subtle texture.
This polish can't get opaque enough to not have any see through but my nails are a bit yellow and this polish makes the pink pinker and the white whiter.
My nails looked very femenine and healthy.
Definitely a keeper.
03 Glitz & glam
Up front: this picture doesn't do this polish any justice.
It's a clear base filled with green/gold almost teal micro glitter and small and larger (antique) pink hexes.
It's hard to get it opaqua and it does require fishing and placement for the largest hexes.
However this doesn't really seem to bother me as it's just such a perfect and unique color combo!
04 Skyfall
A teal base filled with silver sand.
Subtle sand texture and two coats is enough for good coverage.
How can you not like a teal sand polish?
06 Party in a bottle
Clear base filled with teal micro glitter and larger teal hexes.
If you're already a fan of Model's Own Emerald City this could be a nice cheap dupe for you.
It needs the dabbing method to be opaque but so does Emerald City.
I love it, I love it! This will need to be forever in their collection!
This is the most perfect color/polish for summer.
07 Blue-jeaned
Dark blue base filled with silver sand.
Two coats gives good coverage.
I think it does give a jeans look and the subtle texture is fine by me.
Definitely a keeper.
08 Heart explosion
Red base with white sand and larger gold hexes.
One coat makes the polish look more like a pink.
More coats builds up the colour.
Two coats is enough for good coverage.
To my surprise it had a kind of jelly effect and the glitters got a bit sandwiched and still there is sand texture as well.
I'm not sure if the textured finish suits this polish. I would probably even things out with a topcoat.
However I do like that this polish is different.
09 Hey mister sandman
Pink base filled with white sand and larger silver hexes.
Good coverage with 2 coats.
What can I say: It's bright, it's pink, it's glitter, it's girly, nothing wrong with this polish.
10 Glitterbomb
Clear base filled with antique pink micro glitter, a bit larger round glitters and larger hexes.
The polish needs more layers to build up for opaqueness  and I found the dabbing method working best as the bigger hexes needed some fishing and placement on the nail.
I believe antique pink will be a colour much seen this spring.
11 Party crasher
Clear base filled with lavender micro glitter and just a bit larger purple glitters.
Needs more layers to build up for good coverage.
Purple is my favorite color but this polish didn't really wow me.
It's a quite common glitter polish.
12 Bejeweled
Pearly watery base filled with holographic micro, small and larger glitters.
I've used the dabbing method to get it this opaque.
Perhaps it works better as a topcoat.

13 Laser show
Clear base filled with teal and pink micro glitter which gives it a holographic look.
One size bigger white hexes and larger black hexes.
Up close you can really see the beauty of all the glitters, however on a distance it looks more like a pearly glitter base filled with black hexes.
Sadly I couldn't get this polish opaque. Perhaps it works better as a topcoat.
Although it looks like the polish didn't cover the whole nail and leaving open spaces (image), this is not the case. Where sunlight hit the nail my camera just happened to catch that part the best.
14 Flash powder
Clear base filled with black sand and silver micro glitter.
Dries fast and 2 coats is enough for good coverage.
Surprisingly I really liked the edgy and still classy look it gives.
101 Jewels in the pool
A blue watery base filled with small round blue glitters.
I could only get the polish this opaque by using the dabbing method.
This polish would work better as a topcoat.
Although I didn't like applying is a gorgeous polish.
In conclusion:
I think Essence did a very good job with this collection.
Beautiful shimmers, glitters, sands and colours.
Some unique, others less unique but still desirable.
I do think they could have done a better job with the coverage as they claim to "offer great coverage". Especially with the glitters as most of them required the dabbing method.
Personally this collection isn't that interesting for me as my priority is still with nail art and nail arting on textures like sand and glitters isn't really easy.
But looking at the low budget price of these polishes and the fun finishes, it offers lots of opportunities for people who like to paint their nails with one polish but still want something fun to look at.
Very appealing towards the younger public I think.
My keepers:
- 02 Baby, you're a firework
- 03 Glitz & glam
- 04 Skyfall
- 06 Party in a bottle
- 07 Blue-jeaned
- 08 Heart explosion
- 14 Flash powder
- 101 Jewels in the pool


  1. You are a "Swatch Queen". Great collection-Essence that I can only dream about. One the brands that is very limited here. Great post!

    1. Hahaha "swatch queen". That really is too much credit but it's huge compliment...thank you!
      If you want me to get any polishes for you...just ask :D

  2. hello dear ! me again ! if i were you :-) i will do my nails first with the red one 08, then with 11, then 02 ,04 , i mean i need 14 pairs of hands to do all in the same time ! they are beautifull !
    probably all girl that see this post will sing this song :
    am i right !?
    kisses and thanks fro the swatches ! love it all !

    1. Yes...I want it all :D
      Hahaha thanks dear!

    2. i have heart attack all night long.couldnt asleep,just in my mind was this song ! i was mad about it because i have to wake up at early morning ,ha ha ! today is better ! i just come back here to stare at those beauty nails ! !!!!!!

    3. Whahahaha. Can't get a bigger compliment! Thank you so much dear friend!

  3. Omgosh! I'm excited as well! Hope I'd get to see them in person here! These are lovely and great swatches! I really like how Essence are stepping up in their exploration with colours and glitter variations in Nail Polish World :D

    1. Yes, they are taking big steps!
      Also with bringing nail art to those who haven't found it yet.
      Thank you!

  4. 06 and 101! I had to buy them asap!:D
    Thanks for amazing swatches;)

    1. Hahaha. Thank you so much and yeah...those are gorgeous!

  5. These are gorgeous! Skyfall looks amazing!!

  6. Need them all <3 I just found out your blog looking for Essence swatches and I love it, your nails are beautiful and your photos are on point :)

  7. OH, thank you for all the swatches! I love love a couple of these which I passed by in the store. They didn't capture my eyes in the store, but your swatches do them more justice so I need to grab a couple of 'em!

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, there are some beautiful colors within this collection...I ave some keepers ;D

  8. How much does each nail polish cost? Would like to include this in my collection. :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. I got them for €1,99 ($2,74) each. But the prices can different in different countries

  9. cccc , hello dear i found today here 02 and 07 .both were more than 5e , but i dint buy so far any polish :-))) so could afford to me those 2
    see you and again thanks for swatching, love your pictures !

    1. Dear if you really want a color just tell me. Most of them are up for blogsale. I don't mind shipping them to you if it makes you happy!

    2. ♥you ! but i cannot afford to my self to order something from you...just no way !you are not the owner of some store or shop , you are just my lovely friend ! i love sugar nails ! and when i think i dont have enough colors just go here to see your nice swatches around the blog .♥ many thanks dear !♥♥♥♥

    3. I mean sending it as a friend. FREE! I have a lot in blogsale but not much buyers. It's just sitting there collecting dust :D
      Better to give to you ♥

    4. i know dear ! you are so good person and kind , but it is shame for me to have willing,choosing your nail polishes to order from you ! i can not do it :) let us wait for your parcel,it is mu turn ! i love you so much and thank you for all you support !..mine polishes are in the several snickers boxes so they dont collect dust ... :) hope you are doing well.cold is gone to all ?yes ?

  10. Replies
    1. I have them in my current Blog sale which you can find here:
      I'm also able to get new ones as long as they are in their collection. This of course will be at full price and with shipping costs

  11. Pretty swatches. They helped me to pick up a few ones I've ordered :)

    1. Nice to know they've been useful :D
      Thank you!!

    2. I have Heart Explosion on my nails atm (with a top coat), it's so pretty :)

    3. Picture?
      I never tried it with topcoat.

    4. It's been swatched in my blog yesterday (with the top coat too) :D

    5. Thanks, I've had a quick look on my phone... I'm checking my mail right now and will come to that post pretty soon :D
      Thanks for sharing!

    6. Not at all :) There are some really great finishes in this collection :)