Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pretty Polish gift

With the #sharethelovefest I thought it was a nice thing to do to share also links of my favorite nail related websites and webshops.

Many of my more expensive lacquers come from Pretty Polish.
Beautiful products, good service and fast delivery.

So. I shared her link and asked her if she could share mine back.
She answered me with the words: I can't share links because I'm a webshop and want to keep the page focused on that.
Totally understood this and this would have been fine.
But instead of leaving it like that this totally awesome person decided that she wanted to do something back and send me some products for my blog.
Well...some products turned out to be this:

China Glaze nail art set "It's in the stars" with:
  - 2x China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather (normally it's 1x Liquid Leather and 1x Fairy Dust but I am actually more happy with the black as I use black a lot for my nail arts and never seem to have enough of it)
  - China Glaze 553 Sexy In The City
  - China Glaze 175 Reggae To Riches
  - 10x Sponges
* Seche Vite 25035 Collage Overlay (I think as compensation for the Fairy Dust)
Too much of course but I'm very happy with it! ♥
I decided to make Galaxy nails with this set...mostly following the step by step on the package.
I have some other ideas for this set but that will have to wait for another time.
I started with applying the Liquid Leather.
From all the blacks I've tried so far this is the best. I used two thin coats but it could easy be a one coater.
Here are two swatches (first in artificial light, second in natural light):

According to the step by step you now put two blobs of polish (Sexy In The City and Reggae To Riches) on to a flat surface and take the sponge and sponge the colors on.
First Sexy In The City, second Reggae To Riches.
I didn't change the order but I do think it's a waste of polish to put a blob somewhere.
I simply use the nail polish brush to slightly brush on the sponge (see image).

Sponge carefully on the nail. Make it as crazy as you shaped, area's of sponging, stripe shaped. Just play a bit around. You can always sponge some black back on the nail.
If you wait a bit and then sponge again the color will be brighter.
And the same goes for Reggae To Riches
I don't own China Glaze Fairy Dust but I have a very good dupe which I decided not to use ;P
and one which is even prettier:
Morgan Taylor 50069 Fame Game:
This holographic glitter is somewhat more opaque. Therefore I sponged this polish as well instead of applying it as you would have done with the Fairy Dust.
As finishing touch I applied one coat of Seche Vite Collage Overlay.
Collage Overlay is a clear base filled with large white hex glitters, big prismatic hex glitters and prismatic bar glitters. Fishing for the hexes is needed.
After Seche Vite I also did the clean up.
Do you like my galaxy nails?
I'm still loving the look!
Of course I also wanted to share something new with you guys...
There are so many love quotes with stars that the galaxy nails are just perfect for nailing a Valentine nail art.
"Trying to explain how much I love you, is like trying to count the stars. You can try...but it's impossible."
"If you be my star, I'll be your sky."
"I love you more than all the stars."
"Yes, love can reach to the stars."
"When I look at the stars I think of you."
"Our love...It's written in the stars."
And so on...
It's in the stars: "I love you!"


Thank you very much!



  1. black i sblack ! it goes on your nails ! stunning ! and the final nail art is superb ,dear ! kisses !

  2. this is super cute!!! I got the On The Dot set from china glaze! Now im gonna have to go get this one too! New follower too!

    1. Followed back and thank you!
      I'm very happy with this set. I'm sure the individual colors will be beautiful on their own as well!

  3. Oh, she's such an amazing person! Loving the colours you got from her ;) And what a perfect nail art to match the theme of the collection, even more so a perfect nail art for a poem inspired by stars! :D Great job on these! ♥

    1. Thanks! Yeah...this has been such a great surprise. Lovely person it must be!!!