Saturday, March 1, 2014

Swatches Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh

Yesterday's post already showed what I think of this limited edition:

"The colors are perfect for Spring/Easter. Lovely pastels and a bright pink.
All the lacquers have a pearly shimmer which makes them even more sweet.
Colorwise this is a very beautiful limited edition.
However I didn't like the consistency of these polishes.
They are creamy (as you would expect from the name "Crème Fresh") but they are so thick that I had trouble to apply an even coat.
Although the polishes got gluey/sticky very fast, drying time was quite long.
Most of the polishes required two thin coats to be opaque and I find it very annoying to not being able to apply the next coat because the previous isn't dry yet."
Hereby the swatches of this limited edition:
C01 The Peach Boys
C02 Make Fast At Tiffany's
C03 Evergreen 60s
C04 Another Pink Panther
C05 Light Your Fire



  1. I like Make Fast At Tiffany's but then I read that it's quite problematic so I think I'm not gonna buy it...
    Anyway, it looks more then perfect on your nails:)

    1. The concistency of the polishes are thicker than I'm used to...a bit simular to old polishes.
      When I'm making swatches I want this to be fast and easy. These polishes aren't fast and easy. They require thin coats (2 to 3) and need some more time to dry.
      I'm not a fan op this edition polishwise but for this money and the colors really are very pretty I wouldn't pass if you really like a color.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Awwwww, real shame the formulas not ideal. Otherwise, those are undoubtedly beautiful colours! I'm really liking Peach Boys >.<

    1. Catrice had a previous edition with a polish called Bloomynous. It's pretty much the same as Peach Boys but better formula though :D