Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nail art snowflake

The part of the Netherlands where I live din't have winter at all.
No snow, no ice.
I love both but don't mind the sun either.
Spring is coming. So this might as well be the last winter mani.
I just had to try a stamping plate, a new blue polish and fabric snowflakes ;D

I started with applying my new polish Anny 385 Blue bikini girl

Then I made a gradient by sponging the tip part with China Glaze 1200 Water You Waiting For.
After applying Seche Vite I started with stamping the snowflakes on.
- KonaD m59 stamping plate
- Essence Nail art stampy polish 001 Stamp me! White
I applied another coat of Seche Vite which I used as glue for my fabric snowflakes (white and silver) and immediately applied another coat of Seche Vite to seal the design.


  1. blue bikini ? it is blue diamond ! oh ! lovely color Margi ! and nice stamping ! it is suite totally!

  2. You didn't get Winter-well, don't worry-we got and are still getting plenty. Beautiful work-gorgeous mixed media work!

    1. Thank you Teresa!
      I'm not really complaining. I know some have too much snow and the cold is killing.
      Then I rather have nothing!

  3. Looks really pretty and delicate! Hahaha I have one snowflake nail art to show as well, but that would be sometime later. Its getting so hot already since CNY. Hopefully it'd still be winter somewhere else when I get it up on my blog hahahaha! By the way, Anny Blue Bikini Girl looks stunning! Such a beautiful blue shade :D

    1. The Anny polish took me by surprise. It's even more beautiful IRL than in the bottle!
      I love the winter nails. But for me it is done now...looking forward to seeing yours ;D