Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine nail art

Hi lovelies,

I'm trying to find a new balance between getting my driving license, having fun with the kids, spending time with my hubby and doing nails.
It's very hard for me because nails are in my blood right now and it feels I have to choose between many things I love.
I came with a (not yet) satisfying solution: I will be doing nails in the hubby likes to sleep kids love that they are free from school and have lots to play nobody really misses me at that time ;D

Meanwhile when I find some extra time I'll be swatching, nail arting and reviewing for you.

Let's start with a swatch of a beautiful Spring color from BeYu.
I totally fell in love with this at the store.
BeYu Long-lasting Nail Lacquer 568


Too bad my camera couldn't catch all the beauty of this polish.
On the swatch it just looks like a beautiful shimmery/pearly pink but in real life the polish has a very iridescent effect.
Like oil effect but then with pink and teal like colors. So so pretty!
I've used 3 coats not really because it needed to but I don't like the tip to see through and two coats was just too sheer for me.
One coat would be pretty for the nude look; subtle pink, subtle shimmer.

I also took a picture of the bottle because you can see a little of the effect in the middle on the image.

For the nail art I used this image as my inspiration:

And this was the outcome:

I'm in desperate need of new nail art brushes.
If you know any good brand and/or webshop where I can get them, please let me know!
I'm looking for a very thin detail brush and am not able to buy from Amazon, eBay or any other which recommends creditcard or PayPal.


  1. what a pretty Valentine's mani!- I really like it!

  2. this nail polish has lovely shape ! you made good choose ,dear ! love it !
    love the whole mani !

    1. and must tell you again i admire you ! and i am happy to meet you ! we will wait every weekend ,do not worry at all ,until you get your driver licence !

    2. Thanks dear.
      You always seem to cheer me up!

  3. Wow, good luck with the drivers license! It's sort of a "rite of passage" around here. Balancing things is hard. When I retired, I thought that I could finally do "everything" I had not gotten to do. Wrong!-this year, I had to cut a lot out, including some of the blogging.

    It's fun to see what polishes you use, because I have not heard of at least 3/4th of them. And this is a lovely design.

    I got my last detail brush at an art store. They are much better quality than what you get in those Ebay kits.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I'm done with the kits of brushes..the quality isn't that great.
      I bought some more expensive brushes last time and they were fine in the beginning but don't seem to last forever :-(
      We don't have an art store around here..

  4. Such a beautiful polish! Really special too :) I sure love the effect it has ^^ As for brushes, mine have always been those that 'painters' use. Mine are usually just nylon brushes. Hahaha! If I need it thinner I kind of just trimmed them thinner according to my liking. There are a few videos now regarding "how to trim or resize brushes" something like that. I used the one by Robin Moses, but now even Mr.Candiipants or Nailed It NZ has been posting some as well. Great tips there! Hope you'd be able to find some at the stationary store :)

    1. I bought some artist brushes online on Monday and am still waiting for them to arrive :( which should have been latest on Wednesday.
      I used the trim them myself as well and low budget has been fine for a very long time. But lately I want to make even more detailed work and the brushes just aren't doing what I want them to do...
      Thanks for the tips!!!!