Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mardi Gras/Carnival nails

Only the Southern part of the Netherlands (where I live) celebrates Mardi Gras/Carnival.
Last week the kids already celebrated at school but it officially started on Friday evening.
Each town has its own Mardi Gras name and also has its own way of celebration.
In my town we have a theme. This year it's 'circus'.
Most people dress up (some linked to the theme or our town) and we party (drink, dance, eat, meet with friends, meet new people and just have fun).

Here a picture of Mardi Gras in our town from today:

And here my Mardi Gras nails:



  1. dear , you are true artist ! this is so lovely nail art ! so many thinny details ! ! wonderful ! wish i could be there :-)

  2. The nails look great!

  3. These are stunning! And the colours are spot on! I think you totally took it to a whole new level just by adding those micro beads :))

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