Friday, March 21, 2014

Swatches and nail art Kiko Cupcake collection

Kiko is a brand which is very hard to get here in the Netherlands.
Too bad because I think their polishes (and make-up) are nicely priced and of good quality.
So, when I went to Spain to visit my sister I couldn't leave without taking some Kiko polishes with me.
I had seen some swatches of the cupcake collection and well...
I only regret that I couldn't take them all ;D
I only got 4 but they are beautiful and of course I have some swatches for you as well as a nail art.


Kiko Cupcake 650
Kiko Cupcake 652
Kiko Cupcake 653
Kiko Cupcake 655
Aren't they sweet?!
They are perfect for Summer IMAO.
I've been wearing Kiko Cupcake 653 on my toes since my trip (10-03-2014) and it still hasn't chipped!
However these polishes won't last that long on finger nails.
Pictures above all show 2 thin coats.

Nail art

For the nail art I simply chose to stay with the sweetness and name of this collection.


  1. So bad i don't have a family in Spain or generally abroad...they're gorgeous!:) I'd buy all of them!
    Ps. Lovely nail art:))

    1. Thank you!
      If I could get them here...I would have had all of them...but maybe this is just God's way of thinking about my finances ;D

  2. l've got same as yours and I liked them a lot, they're sweet! l agree with you, kiko has got a good quality price ratio! lve just posted a huge Kiko haul lol!

    1. I always look at your hauls!
      And Gosh...we need a Kiko store in my town/country :D

  3. what a lovely collection ! mamma mia ! the most effective is the first one 650
    but i like them all ! beautiful collection ! lucky you , dear Margi !

    1. I feel very Lucky to finally have some Kiko polishes :D
      Thank you for friend! ♥

  4. and bottle are so cute , love it ! kisses !

  5. Suchs sweet colors, love 'm! They're on my wishlist now! Pretty nailart, must have been lots of work!

  6. These are so pretty. I wish one do our speciality importers would pick up the Kiko brand.

    1. Same here.
      I wish I didn't have to fly all the way to Spain to get them ;D

  7. Few months ago, I would have said:
    "Ahh I love this! I love the mix in them! Though it's too bad I can't get Kiko here, recently Nicole By OPI also introduced similar texture nails with unique mixes much like these. Hope to see them here soon so I can get my hands on some"

    Now I will still say I do love the look of all these polish. It is still sad that I can't get this brand here. I was thrilled when Nicole by OPI Malaysia announced they were bringing in Carrie Underwood collection. I waited and waited. Kept checking their FB for news that it finally arrived. But, no.. none of my dreams came true. So I messaged them and in the end they said Malaysia will no longer carry this brand. Awwwwwwww man! They crushed me hard. All those hopes went flying out of window just like that. I am puzzled though why they decided to stop carrying it. =/ If ever it was lack of sales, I'd blame their marketing people for not being able to choose the right collection to introduce to Malaysian shores. -__-

    Now I can no longer say I look forward to see similar polish here in my country. Sigh. Alrights I seem to get out of control while ranting a little bit. Hehehe, I love your nail art btw! These are indeed so spring and I simply love your cupcake! It looks so delicious :D

    1. I feel you!
      I'm looking at all those pretty swatches of brands I can't get here.
      I'm starting to order them now but shipping costs and shipping time are crazy!!!
      And when I was in Spain and finally could get to a Kiko shop, they still threw half of my make-up purchases out because of flighting rules :(
      I only carried a handbag and had to they told me Madrid airport was very relaxed about that sort of things.
      But especially throwing out a brand you killing!
      We don't have NOPI otherwise I would have got them for you :D