Monday, March 3, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art OPI Brazil Beach Sandies Mini Set

Part of the OPI Spring Collection 2014 is this mini set with sand polishes:
There is only one store in town where I can purchase OPI.
Most of times there aren't any swatches or try-outs available which I find very annoying as a big bottle of OPI sells for €14,25 (19,62 USD) and a mini set costs €18,95 (26,09 USD).
But luckily they did have swatches of this collection...including this mini set.
Swatches in store looked like this:

Looking at the swatches above I immediately fell in love with this mini set.
It totally looks like bright and neonish textured polishes.

Well, I have swatched them for you and here are my swatches:

Samba-dy loves purple

Purple with silver shimmer.
Not as bright as I expected.
Two coats gave good coverage.
Application wise this polish was the worst.
It dried less fast than the others and the texture was best after complete drying time.
Before taking this picture I ruined the top finger and therefore applied a third coat to smooth out the damage. As you can see on the picture the texture didn't really kick in yet on the top finger.
I'm Brazil nuts over you

Coral pink with purple shimmer.
Again not as bright and pink as I expected but nevertheless a beautiful color.
Two coats was enough for good coverage and application was smooth.

What's a little rain forest?

Bright blue with silver shimmer.
Finally a color that met up with my expectations!
Very bright and beautiful.
Application was smooth and it needed two coats for complete opacity.
One coat of basecoat isn't enough to wear under this polish because I did have some staining afterwards. I recommend using at least two coats of a clear or white basecoat.

You're so flippy floppy

Goldish yellow.
Again not as bright as I expected but not bad either for a yellow.
Perhaps on a white base it can totally pop.
I've used two coats for the picture above but I would prefer a third.
Application was smoothly.

Final verdict:
I am a little disappointed with this mini set.
I had hoped for more neon textured polishes...which is about the only textured polishes I'm missing ;D
The colors aren't bad and do fit the Spring/Summer season but aren't neon.
My favorite is 'What's a little rain forest?' (except for the staining that is!).

Of course I also made a nail art with this collection and I decided to keep it tropical :D

Tropical nails:



  1. love to see your nail art and swatches ,dear !
    love them all 4 . and i must tell you my eyes stopped at yellow one and red ! oughhh
    lovely color and texture ! want to be there ..on the beach !

  2. wonderful shades and so gorgeous tropical design! :)

  3. Ahh love the swatches! At first I didn't fancy much of these. But now with your swatches and that AMAZING nail art.... Omgosh! I love themmm!! ♥ I'm so curious, how did you do that light blue-ish glowing effect? Did you sponge white over or under? Or was it a lighter texture polish? Either way, I'm so captivated! :))

    1. Thanks. I was a bit disappointed by the neon part but the colors are very nice indeed.
      I actually don't remember how I created them. I guess I sponged white on the half bottom and then created the beach line with the blue polish only

  4. What lovely bright tropical nails. I like the OPI sandies. Red is my favourite and the yellow - I had it and gave it away, didn't like the shade.

    1. I gave them away too. They were less bright as I expected and I'm not really a texture lover ;)