Friday, March 14, 2014

Swatches, review and wedding nails with Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01 Metal Chrome

I can't remember when or where I first saw a swatch of this polish.
Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01 Metal Chrome

But I do remember it awed me.
Never saw a metal nail polish before with this kind of finish.
It was streak-free and foil like.
When I ran into this polish whilst visiting Spain I knew I just had to have it.


The polish comes with a Mirror Effect Base File (for free) which is a buffer file.
Before applying the polish you have to prepare your natural nails with this base file.
Which is of course very understandable because on a smooth and streak-free surface you will see each little nail irregularity (like bumps, ridges etc.).
After filing and washing my hands I applied a basecoat.
I used the same drying time for this as I always do but when I applied "Metal Chrome" I couldn't help but notice that the polish had some reaction with my basecoat.
This wasn't the first time...I noticed the same reaction with holo polishes too.
Trick is to wait much longer before applying or and this is what I did...
'don't apply a basecoat at all'.
Applying the polish is very simular to holo polishes.
You get the best result by taking some more polish on the brush painting the nails with 3 strokes and trying to avoid going over the same polished area.
This polish can get away with only 1 coat but if you do need to apply another coat wait till the first coat is completely dry as it tends to take some of the first coat when painting the second coat.
The polish doesn't apply smooth right away.
But the bottle also says: Wait 30" to obtain a mirror.
And after some time you will see the polish drying into a smooth mirror like surface.
I'm really happy and satisfied with this polish.
As I think other metallic lacquers sometimes have a more rock style look this one is in fact very classy and elegant.



Wedding nails

As inspiration for my nail art I've used some images that I found on Google and had a silver, white, metallic wedding theme.
And here are my wedding nails for this theme


  1. it's an awesome nail polish it looks like foil! l love bridal nail art too!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it does look like foil but without the agony of applying it ;D

  2. That polish is probably perfect for stamping :) Also i love how you turned those pictures into nail art, it was perfect!

    1. Thank you so much dear!
      Yeah, I think the polish will work great for stamping...need to try it ;D

  3. Wow, amazing effect! And that nail art is just perfect!

  4. Your wedding art is just gorgeous. I have about gotten the Layla Mirror Effect a few times, but never took the plunge. I like how the light plays on the surface.

    1. Thank you Teresa!
      I love this polish!
      It has the same effect on me as holo's...I just keep turning my hands and stare at it :D

  5. Wow, that's an amazing effect. Definitely have to try Layla soon. Chrome-mirror effect are the kind of polishes I have yet add into my stash. Does the effect disappear when topcoat?

    Aww, those wedding themed nails are gorgeous! I love the way you adorn the pearls -- so perfect! :)

  6. It takes away the matte look, giving it more gloss and more leaning to a regular metallic.
    I use it for Nail arts as well when I need a silver.
    Thanks ♥