Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine nails "Cats love"

I'm super busy with the #sharethelove chain on Facebook.
Within two days I went from 250 to almost 1000 followers.
Something I couldn't achieve during my challenge.

It does feel a bit like spamming and therefore I thought it would be fair to post some nail art as well ;D

But...first things first...
My base color is my new favorite polish.
It's the most gorgeous polish I've seen so far.
Color Club 999 Eternal Beauty
- It's purple
- It's a holo
- It could easily be a one coater

Here are some swatches:

Can you feel what I feel?!

And here is today's nail art:


  1. Hehe what can I say? You totally deserve the 1k followers! :) Also!! This colour is gorgeous! And an almost one coater polish - always good in my book ^^ I'm sure you know that already as well hihihi! And I love this little Cat-sie love nail art you did. So adorable! ♥

    1. I'm not a fan of this nail art myself. I hate painting animals...did you know?
      It's just never as pretty as I had in mind ;P
      But the holo is perfect though!!!
      Thank you