Saturday, January 25, 2014

Catrice Limited Edition Celtica

It hasn't even been Winter here but we are already longing for Spring.
At least, I am, and especially colorwise.
I'm loving the soft pastels and brighter colors.

Catrice's new limited edition "Celtica" is a nice transition towards these Spring colors.

It comes with 4 limited lacquers and pink/magenta nail flakes (crushed shell).
I only bought the lacquers.

From left to right:
- C01 Paralilac
- C02 Pinkadoxa
- C03 Love, Peach & Harmony
- C04 LOVEnder
I haven't got swatches for you but if you want me to swatch one or more...please let me know!
I did make a nail art with it.
As base I used C04 LOVEnder. Two coats was enough for good coverage.
Then I used C02 Pinkadoxa and C03 Love, Peach & Harmony to watermarble.
The polishes are quite thick (which should be as they are supposed to give a kind of gel look) and therefore hard to use for watermarbling.
Maybe a little thinner can do the trick...
However...this didn't completely turn out the way I wanted so I did some touching up with the same two polishes and a nail art brush.
The complete base color (C04) was covered and when I'm showing a limited edition I think you must at least see all the colors.
Therefore on each nail (except the accent) I placed two stripes with C04 LOVEnder.
On the accent I used C01 Paralilac to paint the heart accent as it's almost Valentine :D
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  1. i am the first who would like to see the swatches of them ! i admit that i am polish addicter ,and i like to see all about nails and colors ! they are porbably gorgeous ! is the peach color some kind of shimmer ?
    see you dear Margi!

    1. Hahaha. Yes, give me work please ;P
      Besides the pink they all have a little shimmer.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. dear ! you were kind and ask who would like to see swathes? and now you want to kill me ?a?
      psssssst ! day by day,i am not in hurry !

  2. whole mani looks perfect, bright and full of colours!

  3. I love Love, Peach&Harmony!
    Great mani!:) Like the one with heart the most:)

  4. We are thinking alike. I am so tired of winter and the cold weather that I brought home two Spring colors yesterday, Pure Ice's Laven-Dare and Shore Bet. The Peach And Harmony is my favorite of your four.

    1. ;)
      .... minds think alike hahaha ;P
      Yes, it's time for soft, romantic and lovely colors!!
      Thanks ♥

  5. Ooh Such pretty colours! Kind of reminds me of sorbets XD Yuumm yumm~~ And this is one extremely beautiful Valentine's Day Nail Art! I love how the colours match each other :D I especially love the heart shape accent! Too gorgeous - great job on this one! And I wouldn't mind seeing the swatches, if its not too much for your arm. Be sure to have sufficient rest! :)

  6. You already commented on the swatch post ;D
    Thank you!