Friday, January 10, 2014

Swatches Essence Superheroes

Essence recently came out with the new trend edition "Superheroes".

Essence mentions:
"Heroic ans supernatural - new dimensions for nail styling sessions!
The products in the new trend edition offer your nails super(hero) effects.
Holographic, iridescent, a sand feeling, liquid gold, thermo effect, 3d textures like glitter or flakes or stickers – the variety has no limits!
Welcome to the new galaxy of nail art!
The trend edition also includes super cool colors like fuchsia, turquoise, dark blue, purple, yellow, gold and silver.
Each of the products – whether nail polish, stickers or glitter, turns your nails into an ultimate highlight.
There’s also an extraordinary nail polish remover with glitter particles to remove all creative styles and a practical turquoise cosmetics bag with a sequin look to store all your superheroes in!"

Here are the polishes I purchased:

I didn't get the liquid gold because I have plenty of golds and a lot which are simular to the Essence one.
I also didn't get the other products from this line. For me they were just not so interesting.
Here are the swatches of the polishes that I have:
I'm not really a fan when it comes to polishes like this.
It's a sheer polish containing different sized and colored glitters.
In the bottle it looked like a purple but it actually is more like a dark pink.
This jelly doesn't go on smoothly and it will take at least 3 to 4 coats to get it somewhat opaque.
Maybe it would work fine as a topcoat.

I was really surprised by this polish.
I've been trying thermo polishes before but only when I held them in hot/cold water I could see a change. You had to look really close to see a slight difference between tip and the rest of the nail.
This creamy polish went on very smoothly. One coat was just a little too sheer for my kind of taste but I already saw a big difference in color between the tip and the rest of the nail.
Two coats gives a nice coverage.
Hot = pink
Cold = purple
This polish really works! The best thermo effect I have seen so far!
I did use a basecoat but I'm not sure about a topcoat and the effect it may have on the thermo effect.
Definitely a favorite!
A smooth two coater.
An iridescent polish with a beautiful shimmer.
The picture doesn't even do it justice...I kept turning my hand to look at all the beautiful color changes.
Another favorite!
A silver shimmery polish containing a lot of holo glitters.
The camera had trouble catching the holo glitters but believe me: this contained a lot of holo.
And as you might know by now: I'm a big holo fan.
This teal liquid sand goes on very smooth.
Two coats is enough for good coverage.
Besides the subtile sand texture it also contains some shimmer.
Beautiful color but sand effect wise it could have been better.
The galaxy flakes and thermo effect were nice to try but for me not really keepers.
The rest I will use more!


  1. l like the thermo one and the oil slick one most, others are fine too considering how cheap they are! Ive seen this collection butl haven't bought anything yet,l think l'll get few items if l find them :)

    1. I've had many disappointing trend/limited editions but this one really surprised me!

  2. I love the Holo effect, it's so beautiful

  3. Great post!!))Very beautiful colours! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  4. The thermo effect is my favorite. I have one that I got in a Indie polish sampler. I might have to try it next and see is it has the wonderful effect that yours has.

    1. Let me know if it works! There are a lot crappy ones going around. I even read that some people have trouble with this one??

  5. Okay these r cool.And the information was visual

  6. mama mia ,you are not nail polish addict ! nice this thermo effect ,the best but also look nice texture blue and of course metalic blue(oil slick !gladd to see some nails art with those new polishes !
    see you ! and have a nice weekend!:-)

  7. oooh very pretty, i love the thermo pinky one, hey which camera do you use?

  8. The thermo one and holo one are gorgeous! Great review! x

  9. sorry for bothering ,dear ! i"vee just bought to my self the same nail polish ,like yours on the picture thermo effect !when i saw him first time here i could not resist :-) it is my firt thermo effect ever !and welcome back with valentine nails! love you and sending you huge hug !

    1. You are not bothering!
      I hope the thermo works for you as good as mine does...some people say it doesn't work for them.
      Thank you love and huge hug back ♥

  10. These look so great! I really hope they come to South Africa because I have to get my hands on a thermo effect polish at last!!! :)

    1. Well. I added one of the thermo effect in my current give-away...because it's so wanted.
      If you can't get it and really want it I can always send it to you if you like.