Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reto Hi5!


I'm not exactly sure where "Reto Hi5" started or came from and what it means.
But I do know that it is a chain of challenges.

When you receive this challenge from someone you can either ignore it (and break the chain) or take the challenge.

*I got challenged by the lovely +bubica vucko and her post of this challenge can be found here.*

She challenged me to paint "Flowers which represent my country for me".
I always love a challenge and this one isn't that hard for me.

The Netherlands is famous by their tulips.

The tulip industry is quite big and like the image above they make the Netherlands very colorful.
Needless to say that I had to paint tulips :D
I've done a tulip mani before with aquarel:
But this time I wanted to do something else. Something more than the tulips that represent my country.
I chose to include our national color orange, a wooden shoe and our flag

All very famous of course ;P
And I included one single tulip...cause less is more!
 Now, hope you like my design and it's time to pass this challenge on.
The Rules:
  • You have to name the person who challenged you and do a manicure with the give challenge topic.
  • Choose a new topic (whatever you want)
  • Nominate 5 new persons and let them know they were nominated
Passing on:

Good luck and I love to see it!!


  1. I'll try my best. Hopefully to make it

  2. Dear Margi,thanks you mention me your wooden shoe ,in national colors is astonishing lovely! and it goes with shimmer orange polish ,really ,with tulip !
    Does your arm going better ?
    nails are look total normal and i am glad about at !
    have a good friday !
    love ; Bubica

    1. Thank you dear!
      Tried my best for you. Arm is feelig much better.
      Just need to find some time to catch up with everything :(
      I'm finally learning to drive a car!


    2. SUPERB ! I AM GLAD ! driving care will spare more time for you ! it is easy ,jut you need to practice a lot in some open space !i have drive licence 25 yr,but i dont need car now ! but it is good to know,because of many job you can do fast with it ,espetialy with 4 k.go there go here ,go to kinder garden school back home ,go again here there! superb,i am glad about you!♥you

    3. Love you and thanks for the sweet words.
      Here it's normal to have about 30 one hour lessons.
      Before you can take your final test you'll have to pass your theory test.
      Very expensive! The total costs is about 1400€

  3. Whoa loving both the nail arts! Aw I like the shoes! Hehehe, so cute :3 And I couldn't agree better with you, less is indeed more! ;)

  4. Margi hello
    do you agree what i did .i put your picture on my blog and put your link blog !
    i like this picture too much and dont want to bothering you to make another nails for me :-) you will ki*l me , i know ,if i ask it ! so you can have a look ,hope you will like it , this is a post no 583 ! is that ok ?
    many regards and kisses !