Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cute owls nail art (winter themed)

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?
Well you can never get too many best wishes right?

I've been visiting my grandfather and parents for a few days.
It's quite a drive but my grandfather is 92 years old and you never might have been the last time that we've seen him.

My dear friend +bubica vucko swatched a polish some time ago.
Her post can be found here and I immediately fell in love with this polish.
I love mattes and teal is just one of the most beautiful colors in the world (IMAO).
As a "Christmas/New Year's/completing my challenge" gift she mailed this polish to me.
And when I came home yesterday it was already there waiting for me.
Beautiful surprise and welcome home :D
Thank you very much dear!

Of course I had to swatch this polish as well

Golden Rose Matte #15
This is actually the first Golden Rose polish I've ever tried and I love it!
Of course color wise it is just beautiful...can you see the fine shimmer!
But I'm also totally in love with the application. Very smooth and easy.
This polish is perfectly opaque in two coats and has a matte finish.
However when you apply it, it is very shiny and I bet it will be beautiful with a shiny topcoat as well.
Of course I couldn't resist to make a cute nail art as well ;D
Owls and a bit of winter theme.

Thank you so much +bubica vucko !


    Thats a very pretty shimmery green.Is that a online brand?I am still learning the difference between the different polishes,top&base coats,and acrylic&gel nails.Thats y I am going to make sure I get n sxh n May.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm not sure. In the Netherlands you can only get it online but I think my friend bought it in a store.
      Maybe you can find some more about the brand on Google...
      I'm not sure what sxh stands for but good luck :D

  2. That polish is to die for! I can see why you fell in love with it! And yes teal is one of the best colors in the world!

    1. Thank you and yes...I'm very very happy with it :D

  3. you are my friend
    and i am laughing so much
    could you imagine ,my dear girl that i made Yesterday owl nail art ! i will post it now...unbelievable ! really ,can be true..i am glad that you like it ! and also on own nail art i put that crazy green color !i have bought another bottle for me and put in nail art pet with needle and brush ,xo xo !
    i am really happy !
    worm greatings! and big hug !

    1. Same minds again hahaha. Unbelievable!
      Thank you so much!
      Love you and you will get some "good" back ;D

    2. .♫¸♪♫♥ ••.♫¸♪♫¸ ¸♥♥♫ ••.♫¸♪♫
      i put your picture in my recognize your nails ?did you or not ?.♫¸♪♫♥ ••.♫¸♪♫¸ ¸♥♥♫ ••.♫¸♪♫ thanks ,loe you green nailpolish and you owl nail art !

  4. The owls are too sweet! <3

  5. Wow.. How awesome is this color and design is really good with that :)

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