Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Respect to the Bloggers!

This week's challenge on NPQ is "Respect to the Bloggers!"

I found this challenge to be very hard.
I follow as many blogs, vlogs, posts, media as I possibly can.
But this also means that I like a lot and it's hard to choose just one!

I actually have respect for everybody who is doing nails/nail art. Whether it is:
- Because they are so well manicured (perfect nail shape, beautiful hands, neat cuticles)
- Because it looks like crap but they just don't care what other people think or want to get better
- Because of their beautiful art
- Because of their unique ideas
- And so on...

So, who to choose???

For this challenge I decided to go back to the beginning of my journey.
There were 2 artists that really inspired me.

- The lovely +Robin Moses Nail Art 
First I love her spontaneity. She is always talking and making jokes in her video's.
Second I love her video's and how she makes it look very easy.
But, and this is the funny part! Sometimes it feels like I'm watching Bob Ross.
She takes her brush and some paint. Makes a stroke here, stroke there and some other movements and there it is: BEAUTIFUL ART WORK!
So all inspired and convinced by how easy it is. I get started and during this process I remember me attempting Bob Ross his art and I feel equaly lost: why the he** aren't my nails looking like that?!
Haha and at this point I decided to make my own art ;-D
I think Robin has many followers and doesn't need me to remake one of her works but I do have great RESPECT for her!

- And then there is +Radi Dimitrova (or Radi D. on pictures).
She is very talented and nobody can make flowers like her!
I still think flowers are the most feminine art on nails. And therefore not strange that I came along her work.
She is also great with neons and the "Me to you" bears. And of course other art!
Fot this week's challenge I used two of her images for inspiration.
Here are the two images:

- Diagonal French (got to love it!).
- Some holo (do I need to explain more?)
- And hearts (many Valentine nails are passing my sight...already)

And here is my attempt:

- Only You White French
- Catrice LE Feathers & Pearls C05 Running Wild
- Etos Long Lasting Polish Pearly light pink
- Catrice 45 Kitch Me If You Can
- BeYu Holographic Nail Lacquer 993



  1. I havent still attempted this challenge bcuz I would hate to do a terrible interputation.But of course u too these two manis and combine thm and made thm ur own.Just beautiful.I had to Think who Bob Ross was thn ding I remembered and u did a Bob Ross w thia mani.UR BIGGEST FAN

  2. Great job you did, sweetie! Glad you like my nail art and thank you for the nice words. :)

  3. I think yours is such an interesting spin on your bloggers' designs. I hope you don't think mine was a bad interpretation!

    1. Dear Eve.

      I always try to make my own art as I got the gift to do so.
      In the beginning of my challenge I started with remaking other people's work and that's just the way everybody is getting started.
      I love that you chose me and your nails were great!