Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 120) Nail art dry flowers

I had a great Queensday!
First we watched some tv on which they showed the abdication of Princess Beatrix:

and the investiture of King Willem-Alexander:

To be there in person (which means watch it on the big screen in Amsterdam) is almost impossible because of the crowd and it's much better to watch it on tv anyway.
Then we went to Breda which is the capital city of my province.
The Netherlands has become a country of individuals but at days like these we are all one!
It was a huge orange crowd, not just in Amsterdam but all over the Netherlands.
With people drinking, dancing, laughing and making new friends.
I love this!
It was already very late when we came home but for my challenge I still had to do a nail art...aaaarrrrgggghhhh.
I looked for something easy and...found it: Dry flowers

Dry flowers:

Dry flowers are mostly used for gel and acrylic nails but in my opinion you can use them for nail art on natural nails just as well.

I do recommend you only use the more flatter ones because they stick better, look prettier and don't get damaged that easily.

1) Give your nails a basecoat (for a natural look) or paint them in the desired colour.
    You can already use this coat as a glue for your dry flowers but I prefer that let this coat dry.
2) Give your nails a clear coat and use this as glue for your dry flowers.
3) Put the dry flowers on the desired place of your nails.
4) Finish it with a topcoat.

Too simple for you??
You can always pimp it up by adding some material.
I pimped my nails by using a glitter topcoat and some beads.
I prefer simplicity but hey, we are all different.

The glitter topcoat I used is:
Essence nail art special effect! topper - Nr. 16 Cool breeze

I used this glitter topcoat as glue for my beads.

Which look do you prefer? The simple one or the pimped version?
Let me know!

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