Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 116) SmART nails N019

SmART nails stencils are available in a lot of different designs.
I chose this one because it's hard to do this design by hand and have the same perfect outcome.
Note: Before you do any stencil or tape mani keep in mind that the colour you used as a base should be completely dry. When this is not the case you wil ruin your base colour by pulling some of it off with your stencil or tape. I recommend you paint your nails in the desired colour at least a few hours before you will do a tape or stencil mani (or have a very good fastdrying topcoat).
Before use make sure that you'll reduce the intensity of the glue by sticking the stencil (or tape) a couple of times on some skin or fabric.
Then put the stencil on the desired place and make sure it's flat and touches the nail well.
Apply the nail polish and remove the stencil immediately. Apply topcoat. Done!

I have 5 different designs for you:






And this is the total look:

I used a lot of colour. But if you use only black and white or maybe some red you can get a very classy look.


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    1. I got them from a nail supply market but this was in the Netherlands. Perhaps you can Google on Smart nails and will find a supplier nearby you...