Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 117) Kingsday nail art

Today is Kingsday in the Netherlands.
Not official yet because the crowning is on Tuesday when it's Queensday.
It's been a while since we had a king so everybody is very excited and already celebrating this day.

For this day I have to do some national nail art.
Less interesting for you guys....??
No! You can still use the designs in different colours or make your own national nail art with it.

 These colours are my base for the nail arts.
N.B. Our flag contains red, white and blue and the colour we use at special events like the Olympics, Queensday is orange.


I started with some randomly placed red dots. For this I used a dottingtool. After the reds I did some orange dots and finished it with some blue dots. Outcome: Dutch confetti


First I made a gradual design with white on the middle of the nail.
I do this because my red and blue aren't good for 1 coat. At least not when they are applied on darker colours like the orange.
The first step gets a red colour. The second a white and the third a blue colour. I like to give my designs some golden accents because of the king/queen. But it also gives the opportunity to disguise some failures.


Start by making a crown.
Make two ribbons underneath the crown.
Give the ribbons the colours of your flag.
I detailed the nail art by giving the crown some gold (bottom) and gold glitters (outlines).


For this design I simply used the same technique as you would do to make a tigerprint.
Place stripes alternately. Starting thicker on the outside and thinner at the inside.


Start by making some balloons.
Then give the tip of the nail your flag colours by using something simple to apply (beads/billions/caviar, velvet or in this case glitters).
Use a brush to paint one stripe of clear coat on the desired place. Glitter it. Then apply the second stripe of clear coat and glitter it. Do the same for the last colour.

Total look for Kingsday

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