Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 118) Laser Lace

For today I have some Laser lace designs I want to show you.
I already did a laser strands nail art on a previous blogpost.
I liked the overall look but the strands weren't easy to use.
The laser lace looks like laser strands but then pressed together as a kind of lace.

The white material that you see on the picture is a felt-like paper. It's for protection of the lace and also makes it somehow easier to cut the lace in the desired design.


  1. Cut out a piece of laser lace
  2. Remove the felt-like paper (if you haven't done this already)
  3. Apply some clear coat on the nail
  4. Stick the piece of laser lace on the nail
  5. Finish it with topcoat
For this nail art I want to swatch my new nail polish. So here it is:

This is Essence LE Floral Grunge nail polish The pearl - Nr. 02 Lily Bloom
I love this colour! It's white with a little sparkle in it which gives it the pearly look.
It is so classy and perfect for weddingnails. Only two thin layers of nail polish is enough.

Because it is so simple to use I only have a few pictures:

Cut the laser lace in the right shape and remove the felt-like paper

Put on a clear coat and use this as a glue for the laser lace.
Stick the laser lace on the nail and cut off the excess.
Finish with topcoat.

It's all the same when you are using the laser lace only as a detail on the nail. The only difference is the shape and size you cut:


And this is the overall look:

I really love this look and so does my husband. It's lovely and sweet and very classy for a diner, a party or a wedding.
It's so much easier to use than the laser strands. Cut and stick that's all!

To accent the laser lace I used some other material as well;
-Round rhinestone and rectangular rhinestones on the ring finger
-Striping tape on the middle finger
-Crushed shell on the index finger
-Diamond-shaped flitter on the thumb

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