Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115) Nail art day & night

Today was a very nice day.
The weather reminded us of the Summer that's going to come.
I spent the day sitting in my backyard while the kids were playing with water and sand.
Tomorrow it will be a lot colder and we will even get some rain again.
The difference in weather is as big as the difference between day and night. Which brought me to the theme of this nail art "Day & Night".
If got 5 different designs for you:

First design:

1. Start with painting the nail in black. When this is dry. Divide the nail diagonal in half with a light blue colour as shown on the first picture.
2. Take yellow and make a sun and moon.
3. Then detail the nail art with some white and black: eyes and mouth of sun and moon. Some white stars (small dots) on the 'night' side and some white clouds on the 'day' side.

Second design:

1. Start by painting the nail in a light blue colour.
2. Then paint a white circle on the nail.

3. Divide the circle in a kind of Yin and Yang by using a blue en yellow colour.
4. With the light blue you make the moon and some stars (small dots) on the 'night' side. With orange you make the sun on the 'day' side.

Third design:

1. Start by painting the nail blue. When this is dry make the lower half dark blue.
2. With yellow you make the sun on the upper half. I used light blue for the moon and stars.

Fourth design:

1. Paint the nail white. Use black to divide the nail as shown on the first picture.
2. The white half circle represents the moon. On the other side you create a half sun with yellow.

Fifth design:

1. Paint half of the nail white and half yellow.
2. Use black to make a circle and divide the circle as shown on the second picture.

3. Fill up the left side of the circle with the same yellow as the rest of the half nail.
4. Give the left side some sunbeams. You can do this by making the rest of this side blue (see picture)

5. Now dot the same for the other side (moonbeams) and make everything outside these beams and on that side dark blue.
6. Now give the sun some body by making an orange mouth and eyebrow and by giving it an open eye. Detail the sunbeams. N.B. The sun and moon are sharing the mouth and nose.

7. The last step is giving the moon some details; give the mouth a blue colour and make a closed eye (see picture).
The moonbeams get some more detail by using the dark blue colour.

These are my 5 designs for a day & night nail art.

  Hope you like them!

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