Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 206) Swatches and nail art Glamazona (Limited Edition Catrice)

First time shopping after the vacation.
And, with a little shame, I came home with too much nail stuff...again.
Among my purchases the new limited edition by Catrice: Glamazona.

From left to right:
- C01 Dirty Liana
- C02 I Got The Flower!
- C03 I'm A Survivor
- C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum
- C01 Jungle Treasure (which, according to the press post should have been C01 cARMOURflage)
I'm on the press list, so I already knew it was coming and I've been really looking forward to this limited edition...These are just my colors! And of course I was very curious about the golden crocodile cracker.

Let's start with some swatches of the 4 colors:

The nail polish is very easy to apply and looks like a jelly. Two thin coats is enough for a good coverage. And, the colors are really beautiful (even the yellow one and I'm no fan of yellow).
This has turned out to be a very good buy...I love it!

Then the special effect topcoat: C01 Jungle Treasure (Or C01 cARMOURflage?)

Catrice says:
Crocodile Cracker
Dundee’s Manicure. Create an exciting jungle look on your nails with the Crocodile Cracker. This special-effect polish cracks open while it dries to leave behind a unique crocodile skin appearance in metallic gold on your nails. The Crocodile Cracker looks best applied on top of colour nail polish – just layer it over the dry polish.
Reading this I expect a croco topcoat and not a crackle one.
I applied the topcoat on top of the (dry) 4 colors.
Let's see what happened:
On the two left nails I've applied the topcoat vertical, on the two right nails I applied the topcoat horizontal.
I started with a thin coat, but couldn't see any croco effect. I searched the bottle for any further clues for applying and found:
"Apply a generous layer of the cracker over your favorite nail polish."
Okay...maybe it's not thick enough?! I applied a 'generous' layer of cracker on the nails and as you can see on the picture it isn't really a big difference. To me it looks like a 'plain' crackle nail polish.
The two on the right are coming closer to a croco cracker (but it's a oversized version).
Too bad, I was expecting more of this topcoat! For a crackle it isn't that bad I think. The gold (although it looks silver on the picture) is very pretty and it does feel like croco-skin.
But maybe 'tree bark cracker' would have been a better name!
Now, let's get to the nail art.
I wanted to use the 4 colors and chose to paint something suitable for these colors and the name of this limited edition: Glamazona.