Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 190) Nail art holo glitter with flower stamp

Last week I bought a nail polish here in Portugal that I have to share with you lovely ladies, because it's just that beautiful!
I bought it at the Douglas store (perfumery) for €2,- (which is 2,57 USD).
It's a kind of holo glitter.
In the dark it might look like a plain grey but when you're in direct (sun)light it will take your breath away!
Here is my best picture at night:
Flormar Supershine Perfect Polish - P046 (2 coats)

Can you see what I'm raving about???!!!

Today has been a day of shopping and going out for dinner.
It is almost midnight so I want to do an easy nail art.
Luckily I found a stamping set here for €8,99 (11,56 USD).

Kand stamping kit
This kit contains:
-Stamping polish (black, white and red)
-Image plates
-Remover pads
-Stamp with scraper
-Remover pen

I used the following image plate:
Kand image plate M38

The exotic flower (the one with the scratches), is the image I used.
The picture isn't doing the polish any justice, but believe me when I say: It is beautiful!!