Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 194) Nail art Tie Dye (Sephora)

I've had a great weekend at Lisbon!
Bought some nail products, made my nail arts, but no working Wifi :-(
I'll try to get op to date as soon as possible.

I found a Sephora store in Lisbon and my hubby actually had to drag me out of there.
Í had never been in one before (shame on me) and it took me almost an hour to just look at all the nail products.
I guess my hubby didn't want to see how long it would take me to see everything ;-D
Thank god I could limit my buying by looking at the price. Everything over 10 USD I didn't want to buy.
I left the store with two nail polishes, two special topcoats and a remover. With a total under 20 USD.

For today's nail art I used one of the special topcoats: the Tie Dye.

But first things first, the base color:
Leticia Well - 444 (purple)
2 Coats of Leticia Well - 444 (purple)
Then I used the Tie Dye topcoat of Sephora:
Sephora - 05 Tie Dye
Because I didn't want the risk of redoing my nail art, I took it save and applied the tie dye topcoat in a way I could be sure it worked.
I applied the first coat of tie dye topcoat a little under my top cuticle. The second coat a little under the first coat and so on.
Sephora - 05 Tie Dye
An ombre is also easy to do. Give your nails the base color. First nail one coat of tie dye, second nail two coats of tie dye and so on.
Another thing I want to try is using the topcoat in one smooth motion to see if it will make a smooth gradient. I'm not sure if it will...but when I try, I'll share my experience with you.
But my experience so far is a good one:
-Nice price (5,15 USD)
-Easy to apply
-Great outcome!
For sure a topcoat I can recommend!


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