Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 202) Stamping nail art using real leaves

Every now and then, when I was sitting in the back yard, my thoughts drifted away to making a stamping nail art using real leaves.
Wouldn't it be pretty to copy the leaf nervures onto your nail without the work of painting them?!
Today I finally tried.

I used the two best leaves I could find in my garden:
1) Small fern
2) Grape leaf

Start with painting your nails in any desired color:

Essence Floral Grunge nail polish - 03 Grunge me tender!

Take any other desired color and polish the leaves:

Use the polished side to stamp it on your nail; place the leaf carefully on your nail and give it a gentle push. Change colors and stamp again.
Not sure about the outcome? Start by stamping on a paper.

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