Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall make-up look and nail look ft. products by Born Pretty Store

After receiving many compliments on my Halloween look, I got inspired and decided to make another nail-face look.
This time with a fall theme.
Now, up front, I almost never wear make-up in my daily life.
Trying to get the kids ready for school is my No.1 priority, which leaves me with almost no time to even think about make-up.
On a good day I apply some foundation and a mascara :D
However, I do love make-up and my laptop is full with make-up inspirations/tutorials etc.
My make-up stash isn't bad either, if I may say so ;-)

I've received some goodies from Born Pretty Store for reviewing and after creating the nail look, I also used these products for my face look.

So, let's get started :D

I really wanted to show a new nail polish brand (Swedish) that I've discovered around here; IsaDora.

Here are some swatches of 791 Autumn leaves.

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken in light box with flash

Autumn leaves is actually a wine color with goldish shimmer (micro glitter),
Almost opaque with 1 coat, which shows more of the purple color.
With 2 coats it leans to a brown. Pictures show 2 thin coats.
The flash picture suggests that there might be some multi colored and/or holo micro glitters too.
And believe me, this is a true beauty as soon as it hits light/sun.
Not disappointed at all (except for the price maybe €11,50/$14,39).

We still had some sunny days here in Holland and I felt this was the last chance to try one of my holo topcoats. 
I applied 1 coat of 12-12-2012 by Big City Nails (which is a Dutch Indie Brand).

Then I used one of the products that I've received from Born Pretty Store; 

I'm not going through the whole process of how to apply water decals (if you are new to them, you can have a look at previous posts by me about water decals).
They were easy to use.
One note: They look best on a lighter background.

Above shows 1 coat of IsaDora 791 Autumn leaves, topped with 1 coat of Big City Nails 12-12-2012 (holo topcoat) and water decals by Born Pretty Store
The holo topcoat looks scattered on the picture but I actually saw a pretty linear holo in real life.

As I felt the darker background really didn't do the water decal justice, I also made a nail look with a lighter background.
Base color used: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh C01 The Peach Boys.

Which look do you prefer?

On the accent nail you can see the other product that I've received from Born Pretty Store:

As you can see the leaf also has a little hole. 
With a small jump ring it could work perfect as a nail piercing jewel or even as a charm on a bracelet/necklace.

Now, for the face look you'll all be waiting for (of course ;-P)

Picture shows my hand with the first nail art in this post.
I've used the water decals on my cheek and some gold foil on the other one.
Around my hair line I've applied some decor fall leaves with hair wax.
I've used the 3D golden leave as a headlace.

Hope you like the look!

P.S. You can use my 10% off code when ordering by Born Pretty Store:



  1. you are an true artist ! love every combination, but most attractive for me is nail art on IsaDora nail polish !
    have a nice day dear Margi !

    1. Thank you sweetie! Have a nice day too :D
      I prefer that one too but some decals are too dark to use on such a darker color and you can't see the leaf stems anymore

  2. Lady Autumn ;)when it comes to the mani I like the dark version more but I'd personally wear the white. Very well done.

  3. whole make up is wonderful Margriet! The autumn nail design is fabulous, especially on the Isadora background- I love it <3

  4. Such a gorgeous lady! And those decals are too cute! Very creative make up!

  5. I love what you have going on here with this seasonal makeup look. It really set you apart from the others. And it is gorgeous.I like the darker and really like the nail leaf jewelry.

    1. Thank you dear!!! I'll probably will do a winter look as well but that will be it....takes way too much time hahaha

  6. Pretty water decals! I like both the dark and the white version, and the holo top coat is mindblowing. Your fall makeup looks amazing! You are so creative! :-)