Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cherry blossom nail art

Some time ago I received some nail mail from my dear friend +bubica vucko.
If you have some time, please give her blog a visit and/or enter her lovely give-away.

Today I'm showing you this gorgeous polish by Classics.
Classics Metallic nail lacquer 10.
In the bottle it looks like a duo chrome shifting from purple to bronze/gold.
In real life it's more of a multi chrome but very hard to describe.
Main color in daylight would be a purple with beautiful metallic shimmers that shifts to a bronze in the shade and a bright blue-toned purple with direct lighting. 
+bubica vucko you sure know what I love ♥
Application is easy and 2-3 coats gives a perfect coverage.


Picture taken in light box, no flash.

Picture taken in light box, with flash.

Picture taken in light box, no flash.

Nail art

This gorgeous polish screamed for a delicate nail art.
Inspired by a white blossoming tree, I came up with this design.

Thank you +bubica vucko!
You're the best ♥


  1. oh , what a lovely surprise fro you today ! you made me smile ! this blossoms are stunning ! i am glad you like it and combined with an amazing nail art ! love you and many thanks, my dear friend Margi ツ
    i am sending you huge hug !

    1. Thank you so much love!
      I'm very happy with this polish!!!!

  2. so beautiful and eye catching design :)

  3. Pretty shade of this metallic and a precise nail art:)

  4. I love the colors that this one flashes. I think that is a great nail art to go with it.

  5. I love the way the leaves/blossoms on your branch look!