Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Swatches Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat & multichrome rhinestones by Born Pretty Store

Catrice recently came out with a new series of Million Styles Effect Top Coats.

The effect top coats all have a clear base filled with colored glass flecks.

From left to right:
01 Godfather of Pearl 
Godfather of Pearl is a mix of purple and pink glass flecks. 
Although the pink glass flecks are visible, main color is purple.
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
¿Holo, Que Tal? is a mix of yellow and orange/pink glass flecks. This is the only one from this collection that has a very visible duchrome shift in any light source.
03 Have an Ice Day
Have an Ice Day is a mix of yellow/green glass flecks. Main color is a bit more green than the yellow color from ¿Holo, Que Tal?
04 Return of Space Cowboys
Return of Space Cowboys is a mix of blue and blurpe glass flecks. Main color is blue.

Of course these effect top coats can be applied over any color nail polish and/or on the natural nails.
I however, prefer lacquers like these applied over black.

'Single nail' swatches show 1 coat of effect top coats applied over 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather (black).
I have a glossy and a matte version for you.

Swatches glossy

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken in light box with flash

Swatches matte

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken in light box with flash


I can be short.
If you love glass fleck lacquers, these are wonderful for you.
Only note I can give is that they apply like a jelly (a bit syrupy, but workable).
I can imagine this will be harder to apply over time, as it will probably get more and more thick.

Nail art

Today's nail arts feature another product that I received from Born Pretty Store.

Nail art wheel containing 200 pieces of heart, circle and marquise multichrome rhinestone nail decorations.

Of course I could go for a plain look by placing these rhinestones on top of my swatches but that wouldn't be me, as I like to add some personal touch.

I thought of another nail art design that I was still dying to try out.
I wanted to do some sugar spun black strings topped with different colors of metallic transfer foils.
And this was the result:

I have to say that the total look was stunning but perhaps a little too much????

So I've made another design but this time a bit more calm...or so I thought :D
Making silver holo area's in which I placed the rhinestones.

If you want to order some goodies from Born Pretty Store.
You can use my code to get 10% off of your order:


  1. both designs are wonderful- where are taking your ideas from ?- I love your talent!

    1. Thank you! Most ideas are translated from pictures that i saw somewhere on the internet. This could be all kinds of stuff: paintings, jewelry, fabric, postcards, drawings, tattoos, nature etc.
      The second nail art was inspirde from nothing. Just my brains working...but not that special either hahaha.
      The first one was inspired by this image:
      But I've seen a lot of people doing something simular.

  2. toppers are very nice ! and of course nail art ! you always have very interesting idea ! first mani with sugar spun..and it is ok, nothing too much ! it is superb !

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  4. Interesting design, your ring finger looks like an eye ;)
    These toppers are interesting too, especially nr 1 :)

  5. I keep on drooling over this kind of TCs, even if I grab them and then I don't use them so much. But I must say matte is the perect way! *___*
    And the sugar spun.........oh my, it's wondeful (and never too much).

    1. Thank you dear! I have almost all TE and LE's by Catrice and Essence and they are all laying around. But I do think they are doing a great job on creating those editions and for that price!

  6. It's been a crazy week around here and I am just now getting to read. I really like both designs. The last one looks like something I would do (I think). The first one is incredible. I don't get how you got the foil on the ridges-sort of amazing to me. Take Care, it's snowing here!

    1. Transfer foil can be used over anything. I've seen people using 3D nail stickers topped with transfer foil.
      SNOW? I love snow...wish we had some :D
      Thank you!!