Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 7)

Hi all,

Today I'm going to show you my 7th and last lacquer from the +Jior Couture limited collab collection called #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou.
This True Blood inspired collection is available in store today at noon EST.
The collection features 15 lacquers. Don't forget to have a look at the other 8 as well ;-D

If you haven't been around lately and/or are just tuning in.
You can find more info about this collection and the lacquers here:
- Part 1 (Polish: Blood Bag)
- Part 2 (Polish: Best Believe It's Gonna Be Flamin')
- Part 3 (Polish: Suck Me, Vampire Barbie)
- Part 4 (Polish: Sex On A Throne)
- Part 5 (Polish: Danger Whore)
- Part 6 (Polish: Bon Temps Rousses)


First I want to mention that I'm not just receiving lacquers to swatch, but also ordered lacquers myself from Jior Couture.
Ordering was easy, payment was safe and shipping was fast.
I had some questions about the shipping costs and my Email was answered as soon as she was on. 
I've never had trouble with any lacquers but I'm pretty sure that if you're not satisfied with what you've got, she will immediately contact you and solve the problem.
Another thing I love is the way how you receive your order. Makes you feel like it's your Birthday :D
That being said, it's time to move on to this collection.
I've never seen "True Blood" (SORRY). 
But as a polish freak, do I really care? 
For me it's all about the lacquers anyway.
I do believe that when a collection is specifically based on something, you're might be able to attract non polish freaks that are huge True Blood fans.
For them it becomes a collector's item.
I've seen the whole collection and in my opinion some lacquers are great for Halloween, Fall, Winter, and fun to classy parties.
Some lacquers are textured, matte, shimmery, glittery, jelly, holo, color shifting etc. I think this collection holds something desirable for anyone.
They all applied as what I expect from the polish. For example whem I'm swatching a jelly glitter I don't expect it to be opaque in 1 coat. I expect it to build up in coats and get a 3D effect with the glitters.
Best thing about being a swatcher is that you receive lacquers you would never have chosen yourself. It's no secret that I'm huge holo, multichrome fan.
So, when it comes to spending my money I always tend to buy lacquers like that.
I now was able to swatch some other pretties and well...I wouldn't mind getting them full size :D
I loved all the lacquers but the ones closest to my taste are:
- Blood Bag (gorgeous 3D)
- Danger Whore (rubies)
- Sex On A Throne (unique)
- Twin Hard Ons (perfect for wedding nails)

Thank you so much Sacha for giving me this opportunity!

Twin Hard Ons

Today I bring you Twin Hard Ons.
True Blood quote:
Jason: "Fangs are basically like twin hard-ons."
"Hard-ons for trouble and for feeding on somebody. Not just for talking."

Twin Hard Ons is a shimmery fang white.
The perfect color for Halloween fangs, Winter and weddings.
Coats suggested: 2-3
It applies a bit thicker than a normal creme and drying time is also a bit longer. However I have a simular polish by Catrice (beige white shimmer) and in terms of application and drying time it's the same.
Finish: Semi matte
Pictures of swatches show 2-3 coats and no topcoat.
Picture of nail art shows 2-3 coats with topcoat.


Macro shot to have a better look at the shimmer.
I would call it an iridescent shimmer; with the most accent on green.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Nail art

I've used several True Blood inspirations for the nail art and also used some other lacquers from this collection.
Index: Dripping blood using Blood Bag
Middle: True Blood logo using Danger Whore and Bon Temps Rousses
Ring: Design inspired by a True Blood Lilith pendant necklace using Twin Hard Ons over Sex On A Throne
Pinky: Vampire bite using Danger Whore and Blood Bag

Picture taken in light box with flash.

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  1. yes , love it,second picture is fabulous !
    nice contrast with your color skin !

  2. I have enjoyed all of your posts on True Blood. Yes, I am a fan. I believe I am up to season five or something like that. I watch them on Netflix. You have done a great job. Jior Coutour made a wise decision in letting to blog this collection.

    1. Thank you so much Teresa!!! It's always hard to get inspiration if you don't know anything about the subject. Thank God there is Google ;)
      I'm glad I've made a True Blood fan happy :D

  3. Wow your nails look incredible! You're so talented :D loved the series xx I've just started a blog of my own and if you're interested you are very welcome it visit. Followers are desperately needed!!!

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your comment!
      I had a look at your blog and followed with GFC.
      Hope you're already a follower of me...otherwise it would be nice if you could return the favor :D
      Good luck with the's so much fun!!!