Friday, September 19, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 1)

So sorry for my absence but I've been really busy with the preparations of what I'm going to show you now and the next few days.

A while ago Sacha from +Jior Couture hosted an Instagram give away with the grand prize being the chance to co-create a collection.
So, together with Lelia @grneyegoddess7 (winner) they came up with this fabulous collab collection called As Your Indie Maker, I Command You.
This collection is inspired by the HBO hit show True Blood.
The polish names are based off quotes from their favorite characters on the show.
They even had to scale back on a few because they were a bit too risqué.
But then, True Blood is all about that!
In advance: Some names are more for an adult crowd so if your under 18 just close your eyes for the names because the lacquers are really worth seeing ;-D

This collection features 15 lacquers and it's very limited...quantity will only be about 10 each.
See anything you like?
Don't wait too long!
Available in store on September 27th.
All lacquers are 5 free

I have 7 lacquers (posted from part 1 to part 7) that I'm going to show you from this collection, but look out for the other 8 as well because I've already seen some pretties among them :D

Today I bring you Blood Bag
True Blood quote: 
Jason: "Something funny fanger?"
Eric: "Yes blood bag."

Blood Bag is a red jelly base filled with different sized and shaped glitters.
Coats suggested: 3
Pictures show 3 coats + topcoat
Note: Probably due to travelling and the smaller swatcher bottles the glitters got attached to the sides of the bottle. I had to use a toothpick to get some of it loose and shake the bottle really well. Even then it required some fishing to get the bigger glitters out. I wouldn't go through all this trouble if I wasn't swatching this (and want to show you all the glitters) because eventually you will get that bigger glitters out.


Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box with flash.

Picture taken outside with natural light. No flash.

I really love the 3D effect that this polish gives. 
IMO a perfect polish for Fall, Winter, Halloween or a fun party.

Nail art

Yeah, guess what!
I even made a nail art for each single polish that I've swatched :D

I kept it True Blood themed and even tried to link it to the polish names as well.
With Blood Bag I kept it quite simple using black polish (China Glaze Liquid Leather) to blow splatters on the nails using a cut drinking straw.
My nails ended up looking like marbles and I couldn't stop looking at them.

See you tomorrow for part 2 :D


  1. This.Is.Real.Blood. *____*
    And your nail art? It truly reminds me of blood bags :D
    I like the polish, even if it's got very huge glitters (but's it jelly so it softens their impact), and i like your blood bags (even if I really hate blood at sight :D I usually faint...).

    1. I only faint when people are licking their blood (like with a finger cut). Probably good I never saw the show ;-D
      I like jelly glitters more than regular glitter polishes. They do soften the glitters and the 3D makes it interesting to look at.
      Thanks for liking!!

  2. hello Vamp girl , this nail polish is so good on your nails, it hurts !
    stunning nails art ! like blood all over the street :D so uncommon nail art

    1. Thank you sweetie. I really had trouble thinking of a nice nail art that could go with this polish (no inspiration). Glad you like it!! ♥

  3. this is awesome, I am absolutely in love with this red and I must have it :)
    Thank for sharing with us Margriet :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you! And Jior Couture will be happy too ;-D
      I'm not that girl that would buy a jelly glitter myself but being able to swatch and therefore having it, does make me very happy and keeping on to it :D

  4. Your nail art looks stunning with the glitter peeking through! :-)

    1. There are more nail arts coming and despite the simpleness this really was the one I looked at the most.
      Thank you!

  5. The splattered black took that polish up a few levels. Love that look!

  6. This is gorgeous! Too bad about the issue with the glitters but it's worth it for this beauty!

    1. Sacha explained to me that it was due to the smaller swatcher bottles. Also the brushes are smaller and thinner and can't reach the sides and bottom. After first use, with less polish in the bottle, shaking was easier and the glitters got more movement.
      For me it wasn't really an issue and yeah, of course totally worth it :D
      Thanks ♥