Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Born Pretty Store Prize and Glam Polish swatch

Today I bring you a gorgeous polish by Glam Polish.
Glam Polish is an Australian Indie brand.
All Glam Polishes are 3-free and cruelty free.
They only ship to the USA and Australia but there are some international stockists that ship worldwide.

I also won a Born Pretty Store prize a while ago and recently I received it.
The prize: water decals (chosen by me) and some random products (extra gift from BPS).
Now, I'm not going to show you all the items yet because more blogposts are coming ;-)
Want to purchase anything yourself? You can use my 10% off code: HUB10

Let's start with the polish.

That old Black Magic is part of the Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend collection which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
The black base is filled with a mix of glass fleck glitters, micoglitters, and a touch of holographic dust.
Two coats is enough to make this beauty nicely opaque.
Finish is a bit textured but a topcoat immediately gives you a nice smooth finish if you want.

First up is a macro shot of this beauty.
Look at those gorgeous colorful glitters!

Picture above is taken in the shade. 
Like any other (holographic/glitter) polish this beauty needs some light to show its true beauty.
However this polish isn't just a dull black in the shade; The rich mixture of glitters makes it already interesting to look at.

But let's be honest...
It looks best in direct light!!
I could even discover a subtle linear holo but my camera refused to pick it up :(

And yes, those studs you're seeing, they came from BPS.
These work great with this polish as they remind me of diamonds and the rainbow colors like a holo is just perfect as well.

What do you think of this polish?


  1. you have made perfect choice ! polish is really nice on light , and this studs suite to your mani !
    love it !

    1. I am sad that I couldn't catch the linear holo. The polish is so much more pretty in real life :D
      Thank you sweetie!!!

  2. this polish is awesome, looks amazing on your long nails :)
    Perfect choice Margriet!

  3. I like these kind of blacks. And, like Bubica, I like the studs. I want to start doing more with stuff like this.

    1. Thanks and I'm really looking forward to evrything you come up with!