Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Swatches, review & nail art Catrice limited edition Check & Tweed

Today I bring you Catrice limited edition Check & Tweed.

From left to right:
- C01 London Calling
- C02 England's Rose
- C03 Mind The Red!
- C04 Brit Chick
- C05 Hyde In The Park

Catrice: "Style Check. These colours with ultimate coverage are the ideal companions in the autumn season and an absolute must for stylish nails. Modern hunting green and grey-blue meet upon classic rusty red, camel and soft rosé - all with a pearly finish. The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish needed for one nail and offers perfect results without streaks."


Pictures are all taken outside without flash.
It showed the colors most truly but there are some irritating reflections/shadows in the pictures...try to not see them please  ;-P

C01 London Calling

London Calling is a grey-blue that could work great for jeans mani's.

C02 England's Rose

England's Rose would be the soft rosé color. For me it's a soft salmon color or a pinkish nude.

C03 Mind The Red!

Mind The Red! is a brown/red. I'm not sure if Catrice is describing this polish as being the rusty red or the camel color,
For me this color looks like the color of red brick.

C04 Brit Chick

Brit Chick is a dark brown with red and a bit of purple undertones. 
It reminds me of grapes.

C05 Hyde In The Park

Hyde In The Park is a forest dark green.


Let's start with the worst and most frustrating part of this collection: the brush.
It's indeed extra-broad but the shape of the brush doesn't make apllication easy. 
This is not new for Catrice. The brushes have been like this for a while now but I still can't get used to it.
Let's say that the coverage totally makes up for the poor brush.
These were all one coaters! 
Or two thin coats as you please.
Nothing really special.
The colors are prefect for fall!
My personal favorites are C01 London Calling and C05 Hyde In The Park.
Catrice is talking about a pearly finish. 
For me it's more a silver/metal shimmer.
Pearly is sweet. Metal is more rough and this is more rough IMAO.
The shimmer however is very subtle and with some lacquers more noticeable than with others.
Finish is not textured but not 100% smooth and glossy either.
All swatches are without topcoat but I do recommend the use of it as it makes the colors more vivid and shows the shimmer better.
Beautiful fall colors but for me it doesn't have the "WOW-factor".

Nail art

I had a beautiful tweed pattern in mind fo my nail art.
But after several attempts, I was done with it.
I ended up with something simular but not totally as I had imagined.
It's all free hand and with the use of the lacquers from this collection.


  1. C03, C04, C05 are my favourite :)
    I love your nail art, it is very good :) Have a nice day Margriet <3

  2. I liked first 2 most. Ya i agree not pearly finish. But i m amazed at your msni its so perfect as if stamped . Love it

    1. Thank you very much! I wasn't too sure about the nail art. Glad you like it. Means a lot!

  3. my favor is Hyde in the park ! beautiful shade ! love your nail art for today !
    have a nice day!

    1. Hyde in the park is blue for you this time???
      Hahaha, thanks sweetie ♥

  4. I agree. It looks to be a basic collection. The Blue is my favorite.Imagine that! It did make a gorgeous Fall plaid. Those lines are so thin and straight!

  5. Great nail art :D
    The first one will be my favourite, I don't feel the urge to buy them - fortunately!

    1. Thanks!
      If the intention was fall colors...they've done their job but it's just not special enough in my opinion