Saturday, October 25, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art Essence Trend Edition Rock Out!!

Things are going to get musical in october and november 2014 with the new Essence trend edition "Rock Out!!"
Essence is once again an official sponsor of the MTV European Music Awards (EMA). 
Glasgow is ready to welcome the who's who of the international music scene on the 9th of november and fans can look forward to a breathtaking show.

It's showtime...with Essence!

This trend edition features 4 lacquers and a glow-in-the-dark topcoat.

From left to right:
- 01 Best rock
- 02 Best hip-hop
- 03 Best pop
- 04 Best female
- 01 Biggest fan (glow-in-the-dark)


01 Best rock

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken outside without flash

01 Best rock is a very sheer grey/silver jelly that contains green and pink micro flakies (glass flecks).
Building it up to opaqueness is dreadful.
I've used 2 thicker coats for the swatches above and noticed that a third or fourth wouldn't make a huge difference and decided to leave it at two.
This polish is probably best used as a topcoat IMAO.

02 Best hip-hop

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken outside without flash

02 Best hip-hop is a sheer black that contains multi colored and holoraphic micro glitter.
Too sheer for my taste. 
Pictures above show 3 coats but in the future I would probably layer this over a black,

03 Best pop

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken outside without flash

03 Best pop is a pink crelly containing gold and pink micro flakies (glass flecks).
This polish shows a lot more pigment than the others and therefore was beautifully opaque with two thin coats.

04 Best female

Picture taken in light box without flash

Picture taken outside without flash

04 Best female is a very sheer purple jelly containing silver and pink/purple micro flakies (glass flecks).
Again best to use as a topcoat.
Pictures above show 2 thicker coats but 3 or 4 won't make a huge difference.

01 Biggest fan

Bottle shot in the dark

MTV EMA nail art in the dark

01 Biggest fan is a glow in the dark topcoat.
In the light the polish is like a milky jelly containing holographic star glitters.
The amount of star glitters is good and fishing and placement is at the users taste but not required much.
Good glow...picture however is taken after charging it with a bright light. 
Black light gives an immediate strong glow. 

01 Best Rock, 04 Best female and 03 Best pop layered over black
As I mentioned these polishes are all kind of sheer and I really wanted to know what they would look like layered over a black.
The pink (03 Best pop) was almost too opaque so I did a very very thin coat.


The lacquers are all very sheer...too sheer for my taste.
I'm also not a huge fan of the jelly like consistency. 
Drying time of the first coat is okay but as your building it up, it takes more and more time.
And with at least 3/4/5 coats...I simply don't have the time!!
Layering them over other colors is the perfect solution, especially over black is really something I love.
The glow in the dark topcoat is better than the previous one by Essence. 
Consistency is easier to work with, the glow is better and I also like the addition of those cute holographic stars as it spices up the 'day' look.
I was pleasantly surprised by the glass flecks, they are more subtle than glitters in my opinion and I love the color shifts that they give.
Personal favorites: 03 Best pop and 01 Biggest fan (glow in the dark topper)

Nail art

What else can I do as taking this edition as my inspiration?!
I chose to use the bottle print as my design.

I started with a white base.
After this I randomly sponged 01 Best rock, 03 Best pop and 04 Best female over the white base.
Then I used black acrylic paint to cover the nails, leaving the letters out and showing the white sponged background.
I finished by covering the black acrylic paint with 02 Best hip-hop.
The thumb design is the same as the glow in the dark nail art from above but then in daylight :D


  1. good morning ! nice post for my first coffee! i like 03 best pop ;) and rock out nail art !.i am wondering will you show us glow in the dark with stars ! have a nice weekend dear Margriet !

    1. Hi dear! Thanks!
      I only showed the polish on my thumb as I thought it would give an idea of how it is.

  2. All of them are sweet, but my favourite is Best hip-hop :)
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Best Hip hop is very pretty but I already own somethig simular and more opaque :D
      Thank you!!

  3. all so beautiful and all i wish i could have!

    1. I just checked your link...and have polishes I wish I could have!!! :D

  4. They better should be layered, I think. They look good not fully opaque but I'd prefer them to be more opaque. The black would be my pick or this one with stars.

    1. Thank you!
      I think the same: they look great on their own (for those who love a sheer look) but I prefer them layered.

  5. I've picked n.03 and I would have liked n.04 as well but a friend of mine told me it was really sheer so I've given up. It's an amazing colour, though.
    And well, I've missed a huge ton of great nail arts here during my absence.

    1. Glad you're back!!!
      No. 3 was the best when it comes to opaqueness. The colors were all pretty though. You can have my no.4 if you like :D

    2. Thanks a lot and thanks for your proposal too, but there's really no need.
      It's a win, for me, when I can do without a bottle :D