Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup nails Holland

In a few hours we will play the semi final against Argentina.
Now that we've come so far I really want us to win!
Today another set of nails that hopefully will bring some luck again ;D

As you will notice I had to file my nails down :(
I chopped some of the upper nail plate with my kitchen knife and to prevent further damage I decided to file off this thinner part.

The nail art isn't my best...I'm so tired and really didn't feel like making anything.
The quality of the picture isn't the best either.
After a lot of days with outside shooting.
We now have rain, rain and rain and I wasn't even able to take a picture outside.

But let's stop complaining and show you the nail art!


  1. Ouch! :(
    And we're under the rain too, here. It's been raining for the last 4 days =.=
    BTW these are gorgeous as well!
    I'm loving that orange <3

    1. Thank you! It's still raining here but tomorrow we go to Portugal and hopefully we'll have some sun there:D

  2. I totally supported Netherlands! Was really hoping they'd win! Such a pity to lose out in penalty shoot out. :( Nevertheless, the Dutch put on a real good fight! So glad I stayed up to watch it :) Love the nails! I think they look fantastic :D I didn't get to complete mine before the game. But after watching the game I'm gonna redo them, hopefully for the better. :) Great job to Netherlands once again for such amazing game play! ^.^

    1. I saw your mani...amazing!
      Thank you! And thanks for the support on the tournament as well :D

  3. hey girl , this nail art is superb ! i am for Netherlands too, because you are my friend ! cross finger ! love this shine nail polish ! i can see your window , in the mirror ! :)
    we have rain now a days , now is sunny afternoon ! but it is not at all for a beach ! i would like to go to our lake in the center, but no way ! the weather is moody awful, heavy , to much humidity in the air ,,,and boring rain
    however , i would like 3rd place for Holland !