Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Abstract neon nails

Not the most unique nail art today but I really needed a neon nail art :D
I decided to spice it up a bit by using different techniques.

1) After the basecoat apply a white polish on all the nails.
Let it dry completely; adding a topcoat can speed up the drying time.
2) Randomly place striping tape on the nails and try to create a modern abstract design.
3) Cut a (make-up) sponge into small pieces.
4) Get your neon polishes and start to randomly sponge the colors on the nails. 
Use a small piece of sponge per color.
5) Remove striping tape.
6) Add topcoat

Polishes used:
* Models Own - Luis Lemon
* Models Own - Bubblegum
* Models Own - Toxic Apple
* Orly Baked - Ablaze
* Orly Baked - Hot Tropics
* Bourjois - Blue no blues


  1. l love it, and neon colors are so summery!!

  2. wow...wonderful design :)- I like it very much !

  3. i love neon shades ! and i do like this nail art ! and it seem to me your nails are more longer,,it goes superb !

    1. Thanks hun!
      As lons as I keep them painted they are as strong as a rock ;)
      But you don't want to see my other hand hehe...it's sad looking

  4. Super bright!! I definitely love this random mix <3

  5. Replies
    1. OH NO!! Chemicals are so bad :(
      Will be fine in time and well it will be kind of a surprise seeing you with shorter nails :D

  6. Loved this a lot ... will try this idea

    1. It has such a stunning outcome! Placement of the striping tape was kinda frustrating though :D
      Thank you!!

  7. It's a very impressive mani, good idea!!! <3