Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art Essence Trend Edition Wave Goddess

Essence recently came out with their new trend edition which is called "Wave Goddess".

Essence writes: "Body boarding, stand-up paddling and surfing are the trend sports of the summer! and "wave goddess" offers the ideal products for fun times at the beach or in the water!
On top, the absolutely stylish beauty pieces have a gorgeous hibiscus blossom design to create a true summer feeling!"

This trend edition features 4 lacquers and a thermal top coat (changes the color of your nail polish depending on the temperature).
Each bottle comes with a flexible rubber ring matching the color of the nail polish.

I didn't get the top coat yet because it was already sold out. 
If I can get my hands on it I will post about it later.


01 Loose your heart on the board
Loose your heart on the board is a hot pink creme.
It applies heavenly and could easily be a one coater.
I used two thin coats for this swatch.

02 Wave down the lime
Wave down the lime is a color which I find very difficult to describe.
With the color lime I'm expecting more green.
However I do feel this banana yellow has some green undertones.
Wave down the lime is a creme polish with silver shimmer and has a satin finish.
It dries very quick and with the warm temperature I had some trouble applying this; uneven and a bit streaky.
Nothing a top coat can't fix but I wanted to show the polish without.
This is 2 coats.

03 Have a break
Have a break is a light blue creme with silver shimmer.
Again very fast drying but better to apply than Wave down the lime.
This is 2 coats and it dries to a satin finish.

04 Crush on blue
Crush on blue is a medium blue creme with silver shimmer.
This is 2 coats and again with a satin finish.


Let's start with what I think of this edition color wise.
I love it!
When it's summer I don't want to be reminded of Fall yet...the year already goes fast enough.
Finally an edition with bright, summery colors.
The blues a little less but the shimmer makes totally up for it.
Application and formula.
Fast drying. Perhaps due to the hot weather but it was almost too fast for an even application.
I swatched all colors with 2 thin coats but you could get away with one thicker coat which is of course great!
The satin finish suits the beach look but I love the diversity of being able to make it glossy as well.
With the blue colors you should be careful and use more than 1 base coat. It tends to stain the nails.
Overall I like this edition. 
The colors aren't very unique but they are summery.
I love the bottles with the flowers and the fresh look.
I don't really give about the rings but I think it's a clever idea and fun for the younger public (the size is small too).

Nail art

Sometimes it's really hard to get inspiration for a nail art.
The fun thing about the Essence and Catrice editions is that they always come with images and bottle designs that can easily be used for a fun nail art look as well.
I actually wanted to stick with the hibiscus blossom but eventually decided to challenge myself with the promotion image which is on top of this blog post.
I think I could have done a better job on the surf chick but I do consider her as one of my better human beings nail art.
All hand painted using this trend edition and a detail brush.


  1. love your sweety nail art ! if i didnt see advertise for new Wave Goddes i would think it is a sticker , water decal
    my favorite are first and last one!
    can you tako off that ring and put on the finger ?is that purpose for young populations ?

    1. Hi dear.
      I love all the colors. The yellow is quite unique!
      Yes, the rings can come off and can be put on the finger.
      However it does only fit my pinky.
      Maybe tomorrow I post a picture of my kids wearing them :D

    2. oh , super, i would like to see it on your finger
      as i have many summer neon t-shirts and tops , can be very funny
      if they import here to Serbia, i will try to catch some of them !
      thanks for swatches!
      realy love them all !

    3. They are really too small. Makes my fingers look fat when I try to fit them.
      But I will show tomorrow okay? :D

    4. :( if they are too small, it mean i cannot wear it ! if the picture is not good dont put here dear ! i am wondering if it come here thermo top coat ...oughhhhh i will buy 2 ..ha ha .but i will wait for you opinion if you present here , if you find it in a stores
      we have hard winter and themo top coat will be very visible
      many kisses... oh german will be in final. mamma mia it is 4:0

    5. The thermal topcoat is nowhere to be found. I have 3 stores where I can get it in my small town but none of them had it :(
      I can't believe it's sold out so soon!

  2. Wow, so cute :)
    This collection isn't available in my country yet, I hope it will be soon.

    1. Application isn't the best but the colors are summery and cute.
      Not all countries get the same trend edition and when they do have it, it's mostly at different dates.
      I'll be hoping with you!
      Thank you for your comment :D

  3. I wasn't going to get any from this collection. I knew I shouldn't open this post, but...Margriet, I had to let you know I'm completely drooling over your NA!
    And that I'm going to get the blues, at least. And maybe the pink too =.=

    1. Hahaha...sorry about that!
      Thanks for your lovely comment! ♥

  4. Wow, your nail art is absolutely incredible!!!