Monday, June 16, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art Catrice Limited Edition Carnival of Colours

I was really looking forward to this colorful limited edition.
When I saw it in stores I just had to grab them :D

This limited edition comes with 7 nail lacquers.
I only got 6 of them because C07 Black For Gold is just a plain black and I have enough blacks for the moment.

Here are the lacquers I got:

From left to right:
- C01 Team Blue
- C02 Viva Brasil
- C03 Burning Down The Arena
- C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac
- C05 Go Yellow, Go!
- C06 Feel The SpiRED


All the pictures are taken outside in the shade as this shows the colors most truly.

C01 Team Blue

Team Blue is a deep blue.
Very pigmented as it only took 1 coat for good coverage.

C02 Viva Brasil

Viva Brasil is the kind of green from the Brazilian flag.
This is another 1 coater.

C03 Burning Down The Arena

What can I say...Burning Down The Arena is the perfect orange for all the Holland supporters :D
I'll definitely use this for my next Dutch nails.
I used 2 coats for this swatch.

C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac

The name of this polish When I Say Li, You Say Lac isn't really suited for this polish.
Definitely not a lilac. 
It's a deep purple. Not vampy, but dark.
This is 1 coat.

C05 Go Yellow, Go!

Go Yellow, Go! is another hit with the Brazilian flag.
Quite dark again.
This is 2 coats.

C06 Feel The SpiRED

Feel The SpiRED is the kind of red that I want to see when I buy a red.
I have bought so many supposed to be red polishes that turned out to be orangy or pinkish.
This is a true sexy red.
This was the only polish that had a watery look.
I used 3 coats but you can still see the tip line.
This one would be great for a sandwich/stampwich nail art.


Let's start with all the good points: 
- The pigmentation is great! They all took about 1-2 coats for good coverage.
- Fast drying.
- Glossy finish.
- I love how this edition is linked to the World Cup Brasil.
What I didn't like and/or what didn't meet with my expectations:
- The colors. I expected them to be more bright but they are all kinda dark.
- The addition of the black??? Catrice already has a great black (Black to the Routes) in their collection. Which is cheaper and it doesn't really suit the Carnival of Colours...
- The brush! Now, I love a wide, round brush but what shape is this?
The best comparison I can make is with this sign:
Did I miss something?? Is this the future?
Now, if the hairs were in a smooth line I could live with it but even that isn't the case.
It almost looks hand cut. I even checked if all the brushes had it.
It's not dramatic in use but I hope they'll improve it!

Nail art

I used the promo as inspiration and tried to hand paint the pineapples as good as I could.
Each limited edition comes with a Catrice nail design which you can find on YouTube.
This time it's a more simple version of the pineapple. Tutorial can be found here.
Here is my version:


  1. awesome design! Catrice collection is amazing :)

    1. I love Essence and Catrice.
      The price and quality is great and I love how fast they are changing collections.
      Almost every time I'm amazed with what they come up with again.
      Love, love, love

  2. Awww I do really love the way you recreated the pattern on the cap!
    Speaking of Catrice LE and new lines I must say I'm not happy at all with the changes they applied to their polishes. It's been a hard fight, for me, finding a decent brush so far =.= and I agree with you when you say you expected these colours to be brighter than they look IRL. It's quite a hard fight, though, after Orly's Baked collection XD

    1. Glad I'm not alone with the brush thing!
      And yeah it's very hard to top the Orly Baked brightness :D
      Thanks!!!!! ♥

  3. Yeah the new brushes of Catrice really suck, i got one that was like yours but even pointier in the middle, really not the best shape! Gah! i love Catrice but they need to sort their brush up!

    1. I had hoped it was only me, getting crappy brushes. I just picked up the newest edition and will let you know if they improved :D